Zombie Theme Credits:
Zombie Voice work(Sequoya staff): Amy Fenn, Andy Gricevich, Clay Busker, Deena Brazy, Karin Mathiesen, Katharine Clark, Kjerstin Bell, Laura Wichert, Nicky Morris, Stephanie Bedford and Sun-hyung Geurtz

Zombie Voice work(Sequoya patrons): Aaron, Alex Lubniewski, Andy, Ellen, Ellyn Satter, Frank Siciliano, Gene Tolli, Joel, Kalen, Kate, Kristin, Lily, Lori, Mary, Mindy Preston, Nancy, Ross, Steve Sarkiaho, Susie, Ted, and Von

Technical Expertise, graphics modification: Clay Busker

Scan Item and Scan Additional Item pictures by Clay Busker.

Zombie Text translation: English to Zombie translator by wcil

The following are creative-commons licensed items that I used in the theme. There are links to the originals, followed by the modified versions. I release those modified versions under the same license as the original image. Legally, that means that all of these images are re-released under Creative Commons by-nc-sa
language selection graphic - zombie soccer mom by Juco - Creative Commons license by-nc-sa 2.0
Zombie Icon image

NoSymbol graphic - modified from I'm Feeling Zombiefied by digitalmiasma - Rafael Tavares - Creative Commons license by-sa-nc 2.0
Zombie No Symbol

Exclamation point graphic modified from Initial Zombie Attack by crossley - Creative Commons license by-sa-nc 2.0
and Human Brains for Sure by Neil Alejandro - Creative Commons license by 2.0.
Zombie Exclamation Point