Pirate Theme Credits:
Pirate Text creative work: Clay Busker, Gretchen Kern, and Andy Gricevich

Pirate Voices creative work: Andy Gricevich and Clay Busker

Pirate Voice work: Andy Gricevich, Gregg Drexler, and Clay Busker

Technical Expertise, graphics modification: Clay Busker

Scan card, Scan Item and Scan Additional Item pictures by Clay Busker.

Scan card arm and additional help from Andy Gricevich

The following are creative-commons licensed items that I used in the theme. There are links to the originals, followed by the modified versions. I release those modified versions under the same license as the original image.

Screen Saver for Talk Like a Pirate Day - Creative Commons license by-nc-sa from Lester Public Library - original picture
Talk Like a Pirate Day screen saver

Jolly Roger Flag language selection graphic - Creative Commons license by - taken from flickr, made by Tim Eschaton
Pirate icon image

"It's Talk Like a Pirate Day! Yo-ho!" clip - Creative Commons license by-nc-sa - by Tom Smith from And They Say I've Got Talent, downloaded from talklikeapirate.com