Haiku Theme Credits:
Text creative work: Clay Busker

Voices creative work: Clay Busker

Voice work: Clay Busker, Andy Gricevich, Amy Fenn, and Jeremy Osgood

Technical Expertise, graphics modification: Clay Busker

Scan Card picture made by Clay Busker

Scan item, scan another item, and Take Receipt pictures made by Amy Fenn

Take Receipt picture stars Andy Gricevich

Haikus used were found in The Classic Tradition of Haiku An Anthology (I used a version of the book that had a different cover than the Amazon link, but should mostly be the same.) by Faubion Bowers. I worked under the hope that the translated Haikus were in the public domain, because of how old the poems are. Regardless, the book is cheap, yet a highly enjoyable collection of classic Haiku.

The following are creative-commons licensed items that were used in the theme. There are links to the originals, followed by the modified versions. I release those modified versions under the same license as the original image.

Selection icon - Creative Commons license by 2.0 - taken from Twittering Haiku in the Garden at Night, after Chikanobu, by Mike Licht
Musical icon image

Waiting graphic - Creative Commons license by-nc-sa 2.0 - taken from KIDS AT A KIOSK -- The Wheat Gluten Seller in OLD JAPAN, by Okinawa Soba
Haiku Waiting image

Bad Card graphic - Creative Commons license by 2.0 - taken from The Great Wipeout Off Kanagawa, after Hokusai, by Mike Licht
Haiku Bad Card image

Exclamation Point graphic - Creative Commons license by-sa 2.0 - taken from Station 50 Tsuchiyama, Spring Rain, by unforth
Haiku Exclamation Point image

Bad Item graphic - Creative Commons license by-nc-sa 2.0 - taken from Japanese Woodblock Print, by Emerging Birder
Haiku Bad Item image

Good Item graphic - Creative Commons license by 2.0 - taken from haiku, by art_es_anna
Haiku Good Item image

Question Mark graphic - Creative Commons license by-sa-nc 2.0 - taken from Evening Sun at Drum Bridge by Ando Hiroshige 1857 from series 100 Views of Edo woodblock print, by mharrsch
Haiku Question Mark image